Friday, June 26, 2009

And a leetle update

Things happened yesterday and today. Yesterday, the swimsuit pattern from Simply Modest Swimwear (I think they call themselves...) came, and also the Indispensible Corset Fitting Aid came from Fitting Room. Today, the 1840's-1880's-ish corset came from Past Patterns. So, I'm all ready for... doing some more things.

I'm very glad, although it's really odddd to be able to go ahead, now. I am really worried about not getting things done in a month. I want to make a lot of things for wearing everydayly, and then, I also want to do my historical sewing. Because we're going off to Colorado in a month, I suppose I should focus more heartily on everyday clothing. Also, I'm planning the little outfit for the opening night of Harry Potter 6...

Yesterday, I traced out the top front of one of the dress patterns from Simplicity, so I can make a slip. It's part of the HP outfit, sort of. I mean, I'm making it especially for that, but also just for everyday clothes. I don't know exactly how I'll do the neck. I'll have to fool with it and it's likely I'll end up with a V neck, maybe a little wider than the one I'll end up for the dress. Then it won't show at the neck very much. Possibly, I will just do a deep, wide neckline... I think that would be more multipurposeful, useful and all... so I'll probably aim for that. Then I can wear it under probably anything that I make.

Hopefully I'll run at this stuff with a pickaxe of doom... and get it done. Please pray that I can get what I need to done. To get an idea of what I'm AIMING for, but may easily not get to (and last night I tried to make it clear to myself that I wouldn't go insane if I didn't get it done by the ISLAS gathering), what I'll write down soon. What I'd really, really like to do is to be able to make enough everyday clothing that I don't have to wear most of the storeboughten stuff that I wear right now... just so you understand that I'm not trying to make a megawardrobe. I'm not that sort of person. :-)

Here goes:

2 pairs of swimsuits from Modest Swimwear Solutions - which means I'll make two leggings and two tops out of different fabric. That's the nice thing about this pattern; you can mix and match when you feel like it. I would like to make a dark blue and black and reddish one (I have not got fabric, but I've seen this all over, so it don't matter), and probably some dark blue leggings, and whatever else I choose to use, I'll ask Gina about. She gets to dress me up, too. :-)
A few to several simple skirts - sheer and calico, I hope, and maybe some more dressy ones for church (just to draw a line between everyday clothing and 'good'/Sunday clothing)
A few to several shirts - made of calico and maybe sheer fabric, one or so nicer than the others for church (again, to draw a line)
Slips and camisoles and petticoats (orrr half-slips, whatever they're called nowadays) - made with muslin, as simple as I can make them.
Dresses - maybe. I'm planning on making one for HP, so there will almost definitely (if I DO it) be one dress, and if that's really easy, and I feel adventurous, I'll hopefully ask Mummy if I can make another.

So, that's the idea. It IS overwhelming, and also isn't. The mainnnn problem is, if I don't have material, I can't do it. If I do have material, all I have to worry about is room to cut it out. Once the things are cut out, I think I can whip them up, and as I work on them, it'll get easier.

Now, I've got to ask Mummy if we can run off and buy *MORE* muslin! Already have tons for historical clothing. *grin*

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