Saturday, June 13, 2009

More thoughts

Gina can wear whatever earrings she wants to, now. That's very 'exciting' for me, because I get to make her some, if I have the ingredients.

I have been planning my little HP dress out quite articulately, in a way. I believe it's going to be a little of a 'good' dress. Then, I can play around with it more and have fun.

My idea is give it a little of a V-neck, and make it some sort of an interesting collar. I have plenty of ideas for collars, but I need to quick get hard on one or this may not get done. I don't HAVE to make a collar, but I want to. My only problem is, whenever I think of the dress, I see something 1930's-ish, and I want it to have some distinctively modern properties, or at least distinctly not-1930's or '40's. The skirt will probably help in that way; it's going to be full, and either pleated or gathered into the waistband. I haven't ever pleated a skirt, and if I do it, I'm going to have to do a little math and measuring first, I think.

I want to make the waistband a little adventurous. I think I'll take some of the dress fabric and twist it around, and stitch it 'invisibly' in places, to give it a sort of wrapped and twisted look. I want it to be approximately 1 1/2" wide.

The fabric I'm going to use is toooootally not working along. I mean, I have no idea what to use. I Want to use a thin, lightish wool, but I think I'll regret it in the middle of July. Sooo, I think I'm going to hit for something made of linen or cotton, unless I find a well-breathing, wonderful wool something somewhere that's light enough and breathes well enough. Which I doubt will happen, unless I decide I might as well use a sheer.

I don't want to use sheer. If I use a sheer fabric, I have to make some kind of slip to wear underneath, or else I have to make a lining... which I believe I haven't got time to go after, unless I get it done faster than I think I will.

I may choose to use a calico, but since it is a little bit see-through in some respects, I will probably want to use something a little more... opaque? I don't knowww. I'll have to go scout around at a store and feel some fabric, and then I can decide.

I'm going to plan out some other things for it, too, likely. I may embroider it a little, or do some silly kind of decorating to give an interesting effect. If I want to, I could make some odd thing to put in my hair (I've been planning some sort of a band for ages, just haven't made it yet), and I might run after some hair combs and learn to use them. Hair combs have got to be dreadfully wizard-y, right? :P

I'll also figure out some necklace to wear. Probably something fire-coloured. I have amber, carnelian and garnet beads to use... and some other things. Time to go WILD! :-D

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