Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You are in the dark.

*clicks on the light*

For three weeks we have been off on a trip. Mainly to Colorado, but extendedly to all sorts of places. In order... Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico (I seem to think it's hilarious... we were in it for only a few minutes. It was on the freeway through the desert, at the Four Corners Monument or whatever it's called), Arizona, New Mexico (for much longer than before), Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota. :-)

Before the gathering, I sewed up my swimsuit which is mentioned in the previous post, as well as made the dress that was for Harry Potter 6 (which I declined to go to at the last minute for very complicated reasons) into just a skirt partly because the bodice wouldn't work and because I didn't really have time to figure out how it would work even if it didn't really fit. It's a nice batik skirt now, green blue and purplish pinkish with a leaf design on it. It has a buttony placket on the side and is half-circle, goes to about mid-calf. I wore it to the gathering, so lots of you will have seen it already in pictures, and some saw it in real life! :-D

I also made a brown calico skirt. It was light brown with pink-and-red roses on it. It's gathered, three-gored, with a placket on one of the front gores. It doesn't have the buttons on it yet because I couldn't get them put on, so I safety-pinned it shut for the hike at the gathering. It's a little too tight in the waist. It was rather hard getting it the right size, and then I find out it's a little tight... we'll see what I do. Never fear! I could just give it away, but I love brown calicoes strangely...

Hoping you know the details of my swimsuit (the fabric, and what it looks like), I won't go into that. It worked out very well, though I ended up adding sleeves... and people liked it. :-) I wore it at Oak Creek Canyon for the first time. So, some of you have seen it in real life, and others in pictures.

The days before Harry Potter 6 came out, I made a cloak, too. It's not hemmed. Plaid wool, not at all sweltering hot, with a yoke which I masterfully put together. Someday I will try to explain how I did it so others can try... I don't know if it's exactly easy or hard. It does take a good bit of calculations, though, and that's mainly how I made it. O.O It's very nice, and works in the rain very well. I mean to use it in the future.

So, for the future, I think I'm going to calmly not try to overdo things in my life. Not give myself too much to do. I will have much schoolwork, so I'll probably just make myself some skirts, and try to make myself some patterns for interesting mediaeval-inspired clothing. Mediaeval meaning the true style they wore then. No princess seams, and no annoying, modern sleeves. The sleeves will probably be near kimono-styled (which isn't really mediaeval, but it isn't modern and I don't like putting in modern sleeves), and the skirts will be rectangular with triangular gores in the sides. Few people probably know about that- it was how they made the fulness for skirts back then, though I find they used many triangular gores to do it, not just one, and I really, really don't want to use many. Anyway, it's not necessary.

Very soon I would like to make some more skirts, too. Since they're so simple, and if I have room to cut out and a machine to sew with, it will happen quickly (I think). I'll be looking for fabric very carefully... I love so much of it but have to pick only a few...

And I'll try to plan some Sunday outfits! I suppose I should try to get some Folkwear patterns to use for that and costumes. O joy. I shall try not to overwork myself, though.

Westu hal!


  1. Well you are a busy lady! I like the way you write - very no-nonsense and ladylike. I look forward to seeing more! :) <3

  2. Oh Nora (if that is the name you go by), your writing style is simply enthralling-I'm enjoying every post I've read!
    And I do love the costuming, and know I don't find you to be crazy because of it! :-)