Friday, June 12, 2009


Lest you think I have lost my mind once again, well, I have lost my mind once again. :-) Somehow, that doesn't fit. Anyway, the subject doesn't have anything to do with this post, to the best of my knowledge.

No, I haven't made anything since the last post, that I know of. I'm attempting to design clothes for going to the sixth Harry Potter movie, but it's not coming along quickly. I may just try to make a base pattern for everyday clothes one day and then I can fool with it and invent something that matches the non-Muggle world. :-) I will also try to design a cloak.

Besides that, I suppose I've gone off and lost all my past imaginativeness. What I mean is that my brain has forgotten about what I did before some day like Saturday or so, and I have gone on... vacation. Except it's really not much of a vacation. I forgot that I could play Für Elise, and I somehow forgot about 1860's things, and my mind went on complete backorder (that's what I call it...) and forgot what I used to do. Not that I did much even then. Now, I'm trying to figure out what on earth happened, and trying to figure out what to do- whether I should not stress myself and not do anything, or whether I should risk the stressing and force myself to draw, or to write, or something. I don't think I should force myself to do anything, in any case, so absolutely nothing may happen for awhile. In any case, I've got to get scooting on wizardly clothes if I really am going to dress up for the opening night... as it's in less than a month, I believe. I hope beyond hope that it's later... because I haven't had enough time to plan.

I hate to use modern patterns. Which means, I don't want to use one for making this outfit... but I might have to. I don't know... because I'm not very productive with ideas, and I'm terribly picky about things. If I made myself a base pattern, then I'd be doing dropped armscyes and the whole rigmarole. However, I have this silly, lovely idea that just POSSIBLY I could do without the silly ease-stitching in modern sleeves and forget about it forEVER and EVER and EVER!!! I might try it. If I use natural fabrics, I won'd need to do ease-stitching, likely. I'll have to modify the sleeve, but it would be lovely to drop that... it's the thing I don't like about making sleeves.

So much for thinking I wouldn't say anything artsy today. :-) I certainly have. I'm not doing much, but I'm hopefully trying to plan a storm. I think I'll try to set up a cutting area, or figure out a place in the house, and then I'll try to make some skirts. If I get happy about that, I might make the base pattern for shirts and dresses... and if I get happy about that, I might make some shirts and dresses. :-)

There are some things to note about my everyday clothing (I don't like to call it modern because it's obviously not going to be any bit modern at all)... I probably will have to gather all of the waists, which I won't mind. I mean, I can't have any darts, or it'll look immature-ish. So, all of it will be, in some way, gathered. I like things to fit at my waist (I have pretty much nothing that does, heh heh), and I want things to be at my natural waist, so that I can breathe better, and because it looks much nicer than the modern waist. :-o

Hummm. I was inspired by a few random things here and there for my everyday clothes. For one thing, the clothes from the 1910's have inspired me, because they are quite simple and easily changed for all sorts of purposes (of course, lots of historical styles are... not like modern clothes!). Also, I will probably try to use some techniques from the 1940's for some modern clothes, although I'm not sure whether what I want to use is exactly restricted to the 1940's. I just think of the 1940's when I think of them. Pleating in a skirt, to gather fulness, over the hips... not too tight, or it'll pull, but tight enough to give a sort of tailored look. Yayz. I'll probably try to get some 1940's patterns to use for a few things, too, and start a little more historical clothing that I can wear every day, if I want to.

I have said a lot, though not all I want to say.

I wanted to post pictures of my drawings at the beginning (I finally remember), but that would make this post crazily long, so I'm not going to do that now. I might do it another time... the only thing is, my thoughts on those pictures will make a loooong post. I'm long-posty. :P

God sie mid eow!

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