Thursday, April 2, 2009

What this place is, and what I'm down to...

(...down is so much more descriptive, because it makes me see the semblance of a person down among a great heap of things, cross-legged and writing busily on a thing, with a candle nearby and a strange, dark roundabouts which would be all the other weird things the semblance of a person does...)

So, I wish I had some pictures to post.

This will be my crafty blog. Currently, it's under serious construction, as can be seen by the randomnity with which it is in essence... if that makes sense.

This is the fabric I bought for my circle skirt (arr, I'm going to kill Jo-ann's site... at least when I put 'stonehill green' in the search bar, it gets up the print as the first print. It's got tannish, green shades and yellow in it, fyi), and I would like to use this is what I want to bind the hem with. I'm not sure about binding it with calico now, but I really want to... so the skirt looks a little more exciting and colour-y. I want to use it for Easter day, and afterwards, since by then (I hope) it will be made.

I am also going to try to make a muslin shirt (unbleached) and a camisole out of the same muslin... I'm just a little bit creeped out that I actually did buy a whole yard of 120-inch-wide muslin. Which means I have to zig-zag-stitch up a whole 240 inches of fabric before I can shrink it and all. :o I really should just get it over with and cut out the fabric. :P

And I have lots of ideas! I want to make a gypsy outfit over time; really fancy-decorated and all, and weird. I'm still trying to find out how I'll make the skirt. I'm debating whether I'll just flare the skirt, or use the Mediaeval way of making a skirt wider and flaredish. (Eek, Gina's creaking... awfully...)

I also have other ideas. Many. My list of things to make for the future is:

For re-enacting and historicalness, ca. 1860:
2-3 pairs of drawers
2-3 chemises (both these two firstish... probably a pair of drawers and then a chemise, a pair of drawers and then another chemise, etc., depending)
corset (might need some serious fitting help with someone else in RL... I'll have to find out if Gina will sacrifice her time to help me.)
fool with a toile or more on Gina, to get used to toile-handling...
petticoats, hoopy-cages of some sort, and other skirt support things
an apron or more, bibbed and unbibbed (I'm planning to do these when I feel like it, maybe even before I've made my drawers and chemises, so I can do some gauging and practise more hand-stitchery)
sunbonnets (I want to experiment with different types, but it all depends on how much time I have)
random things in between everything... and I'll probably be knitting stockings in my 'spare time', and crocheting a shawl, maybe, once I figure out how...
jewel-necked, bishop-sleeved work dress out of plaid cotton, with tucks in the skirt (mostly for 'growth', apostrophized because I may not be growing any more)
a dress, like that. I'm planning to make it out of this calico (you can tell that I'm going crazy with the links... if I can't with pictures, well, I'll go other-technical!)
And probably some random calico dresses, wool dresses, paletots, capes and summer dresses. :-) That's all I have definitely planned out. It may look insane, but I'm guaranteed to go at it kind of carefully, in my own way. I can go overboard, but I feel the necessity to get hard at work on historical sewing, because I'm not going to be in my teens much longer!

As well as all that, I want to work on a patchwork quilt about the time. It will consist of random bits of fabric, probably just reproduction calico. I have only two prints right now that would be suitable for it (one is the fabric for my circle skirt, and if I get the pink calico, that will probably be in the quilt, as well, and then I have a foot of blue calico I got from Jo-ann's something around four years ago that would suit the purpose, imho), and possibly not just those. :) I mean to ask other historical sewers about it, or research it myself, and make sure. I would like to make the quilt like this because I want to use it while re-enacting. And I like old prints more than modern ones, anyway.

...all of that quilt by hand, too. :P I should have said that. I'm not yet daunted by that, but once I start, we'll see! It may take years to finish, depending on how miserable I feel in the weeks ahead. It will be my miserable-time quilt, probably. To make me feel brighter and all.

I also plan to do some other crazy things, like making myself modern clothes, from the same pattern as the circle skirt and the pattern I'm making the shirt and camisole out of. I'll probably also make other things, like dresses and other sorts of skirts, from different patterns (all of them modified, for your information... harhar), and make some patterns for myself with a toile. I plan to have lots of fun, though slowly.

Just pray I won't be too tired and confused to get these things done. I need energy and a good state of mind for it all! :D


  1. Sorry for long-postiness. Have fun, y'all, worrying about how crazy I am!