Friday, April 17, 2009

Continuation of the Previous Rather Long Post

I have returned to the world of blogging to finish my latest post. You will zap when you see this, I suppose... as in, this post will probably be as long or longer than the previous post. Oi, joy to ye!

(Sidenote: Math is over. Over for the day! No more math! Yay! I will be using David Quine's curriculum. Yes, I'm changing again. But who cares? Hahaha.)

Let us see. I ended with something. And, randomly for your information, I've been editing the lastest post periodically when I think of it to make it a little more readable and sensible. Compacting links, bolding things, etc. I hope it will be more readable sometime. I might even edit it later, so you can get through it. Who knows- the truth is, it's rather useful the way it is, because it says a lot of what I've wanted to say latetly to Those Whom I Know. Now, let's go on.

My goal for clothing is to get a sensibly sensible wardrobe by some time. I hope to work my head off this summer; to try to get as much historical clothing done as possible. I have no idea how much I'm capable of- once I get used to it, probably quite a bit. I will probably also try to make random small and big accessories on the way. One idea I have is to sometime make a large clotheschest with my brothers or something to store clothing in for both reenacting and just 'round the house- depends if we can get it down the stairs easily and use it to go to events, though. Heh heh heh. I'm planning ahead too far. *tries to quit* I just want to make a wardrobe with all the numbers of things and things that my different roles would use, and then some perhaps fancier items (like more fashionable things) here and there, for the fun of it. I don't know whether I'll be portraying someone dreadfully rich; I don't want to, so lots of fashion items would be hopefully not eeeeverywhere in my wardrobe. :)


Winter wool dress- I mean to make a nice, not-too-fancy winter dress sometime this summer or fall, for colder weather (of course). The truth is, I'm very attracted by a lot of wool dresses I've seen in old photographs of varying types, probably all of them varying just by sleeve and trim differences. But I've been mostly attracted by one picture cuuuurrently (although there are lots of different types of dresses... and... it's hard to choose! 'Just make 'em all!'). Here is the dress I is likin'. My uneducated, but somewhat knowledgeable (as in, I know a little bit about...) guess is that it's a mourning dress. I don't really know what makes a mourning ensemble, but she has a dark collar, and you don't see that often. I believe I heard once it's used for mourning, but I can't remember. Anyways, I love the trim on her sleeve... it looks rather organized and all. I don't know, but if I made this dress, I may use a little more trimming, possibly on the bodice, but I don't know. I'd try to make it of a dark-coloured wool- navy blue, burgundy or something. Those colours look well enough on me, so I'm going to aim for that. It would be a very neat, pretty sort of dress, hopfully, but not at all hugely fancy.

I have other ideas, of course, but these are the ones I really feel like doing this year. I don't know how many I can do, or whether I'll get half done, or whether I'll even do them all at all this year (I could do others, if I think they'd be more worth-it)... but I really like the idea of making these. Along the way, though, I'll probably make myself a paletot (either summer or winter or both, who knows...), which is like a coat, or IS a coat. Frankly, I don't know if there's a difference between 'paletot' and 'coat'. Something about paletot makes me think it has to do with covering. Mweh heh. My etymological self is kicking in.

Well, for now, my Picasa web album on this stuff is here. More may be added over time- I just added a few things. If you have the time, read the captions about the images... they may tell a little more about the stuff.

So, I just want to have feedback- do you guys think I'm dreadful insane? And you can ask questions. I reeeally want questions. I just need to get used to having questions asked of me, because at some point I'm really going to get bullet-holed by them! :D

And, I wonder, are any of you at all interested? I just wish I had another pal of the people I know now. I don't think there are a lot of you who are interested in real crazy, get-it-right sewing stuff for ancient years way back.

Bla, I'm ranting. Good-bye.

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