Monday, April 13, 2009

Heheheheheeeee. Double-post. You ask, ...where?


Evil double post in one day. This was the only reason I posted. HAHAHA. I'm SO evil.

I just realised how malignant I am. I am so happy. I am evilly, randomly PM-ing other people on ISLAS! Only one currently, but I PLAN ON MURDERING MOREEEE!!!! Muahahahahaha!

Why do I post this here, you ask? Well. I ... LOVE SUBJUNCTIVES!

No, that's not why. I'm not even sure what that was coming from, I know that I do love subjunctives, but it was quite random.

The truth is, one of my great projects these days is randomnity.

You ask, why?

Well, I answer, because it IS. It's excessively fun to make and maintain. I certainly have worked it well over Andre's soul. He is hugely insanified. Because I am so evil and revengeful upon him, that's why. Yes, I am.

Let me see. Randomness, a.k.a. randomnity, is a product of my Character. It is one of the talents that God gave me, I sort of think. Except, if anyone is insane enough, he probably can be insane, too. I don't know what the point of this is, but I think that it makes some sense. Bear with me in my insane spurt of randomness.

Now, I may be PMed by those who certainly are and probably used to be complete strangers. However, they will not be for long. MUAHAHAAHAAA! My evilness shall not allow it. Absolutely not.

But I am also a gentle, kind, carressing sort of person.

You ask, how?

Well... I just got a great idea for a poem! Well, how... because I just am. I'm afraid my randomnity isn't exactly evil, but I see it as... a work against others such as Andre! *evil laugh*

So, the product of this random double-post is, this blog will hereafter be for creations of the nature of my creativity; therefore, I shall probably post writings as well as non-writings and pictures. You see, my life is completely random, and the creation of a random blog is my VERY GREATEST achievement.

...actually, it's totally not. God can define my greatest achievement. I don't know what it is. It may be something I can't remember.

Hahaha. Randomnity! Yay!

So, goodnight. I have written my head insanely off. Now I must go.


  1. This is rather random... um, do you think you can edit this randomness? **tries to read with an absolutely crazy headache**
    nice post, huh

  2. Oh, sorry. It is just random. I don't expect you to exactly get it.... *g* So, don't worry.

    I don't know if I can edit it. It's supposed to be random.. it was a spurt-of-the-moment thing, so, sorry.

    Randomnity rocks! :D

  3. Randomnity totally rocks!!!! Don't mind Zaps... he's a lot more random (and spastic) than you. So there Zaps. :P

  4. Oh, Stella! You just murdered me! ...j/k

    Oh, well. I suppose Zaps is random in his own way, and I'm random in mine. I LIKE to be random!!!!

    Anyways, he's odddd. You're supposed to GET me! :D