Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from the Alive

Well, I sewed all last week, O so boringly. :P

I didn't finish the muslin shirt, but I did finish the skirt. I bound it in a dark blue calico that had green vines of almost the same green as my skirt, I believe. It's very nice, and much longer than I thought it could possibly be. It's all flowy and all, so it's very nice.

I don't really have a lot of pictures; Noah took only a few, at the church we went to yesterday eveningish for an Easter service and dinner. It was a beautiful old church, probably started way back in the 1800's sometime. But the congregation we joined for it aren't the regular goers- it's really a liberal church, but they let 'us' use the building. I suppose we're kind of helping this congregation start, our family, but I don't know exactly what we're doing. I wasn't the one gonig to all the queer organizational meetings, anyways!

*screams because is using 'so' too much* I got to wear the skirt... the reason I didn't get to finish the shirt was because I sewed one sleeve in inside out, and when I found out, it was about 10-o'clock Saturday night, and I was NOT willing to resew the sleeve in. I don't like to sew sleeves, even though it's not really hard, after you've done six... and sewed two of the six in backwards (but it was ok-ish)...

When Noah is able to, he'll probably put his ol' pictures up somewhere to be accessed. I was playing the great, big grand piano when he took the pictures. It was a very nice piano, except for the pedals. They were rather not rightly pressurable, in some sort of a way. :P

Well, I'm going to try to make my chemises and drawers son, once my mum and I get a gazillion yards of muslin. We want to first find out who has it cheapest, though. I might also try to drape my corset. I feel like pushing getting it done now, because I think I'm actually capable of getting it done sooner. Once I finished the skirt, I feel a little bit more get-it-done-like, and I think I may actually be able to handle the hard fittingness of a corset, really. I just need serious help from Gina and mummy. But I don't care! I will DO IT!


What you're to get from this is that I'm kind of up-to-things. I just want a break from machine-sewing... this week was enough machine for me.

And, by the way, which is something I don't know how I should really phrase to the general public of my friends; corsets aren't as bad as everyone things they are. Trust me. :) There are lots of corset myths out there, and they're actually very comfortable, apparently, and very necessary for correct interpretation of a lot of times in the past. The vanity of women and all, I believe, is what made them draw the strings tighter, and all of that to do with particular times' fashions. It's all kind of confusing, and I haven't worn a corset yet, but I've heard and read about them, and I'm pretty sure. What makes a corset uncomfortable, really, is if it's fit badly, or if it's not made to fit the person who's wearing it.

And then, there are probably exceptions, like confusing little things here and there that have to do with particular instances.

So, good-day! I suppose that's not as brief as it could be... I'm made for long blogposts. I'll try to post pictures of my skirt soon, and you ISLASers will probably see possibly more, full pictures on the forum sometime.

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